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Historic Route 80 (U.S. Route 80) was one of America’s most important early highways. It stretched coast to coast, from Tybee Island, GA in the east to San Diego, CA in the west, crossing 8 states along the way. Historic Highway 80 was 2,725 miles long, and at one point brought more people into California than it’s more famous cousin, Route 66.


Designated in November 1926, Route 80 largely followed the same path as the Bankhead Highway and the Dixie Overland Highway that predated it. Over the years, starting in 1969 in California, the highway has been shortened and no longer travels coast to coast, now ending in Dallas, TX.


Despite being decommissioned west of Dallas, a large portion of Historic Route 80 is still drivable and a lot of fun to explore.

  • Visiting the Buckman Springs Ghost Town

    Visiting the Buckman Springs Ghost Town

    Buckman Springs is probably best known these days as a rest stop east of San Diego on Interstate 8, but until the 1940s it was a popular resort town. Founded in the late 1880s, it was known for its spring waters that were pledged to have medicinal properties. While the town is long gone, you…